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EU projekt WaMoS


SME Instrument – phase 1
Title: Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring and Advisory System
Acronym: WaMoS
Duration: 6 months
Start Date: 01 May 2019
Estimated Project Cost: €71,429.00
Requested EU Contribution: €50,000.00

Public Summary

Action context: The biggest pain point of WaMoS customers, i.e. small and medium size Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants (UWWTP - 18.8423 in EU), is that state-of-the-art of commercially available technological solutions for real-time and online monitoring of aerobic biological nutrient removal (BNR), responsible for cleaning of organic pollutants from wastewater, does not meet the demands of the market. Lack of suitable solutions forces operators of UWWTPs to »drive blind« in critical situations. This often results in discharge of pollutants into receiving rivers with estimated environmental cost of 300 million EUR per year in EU.

Objectives: WaMoS is affordable online, real-time, monitoring, diagnostic, alarming and advisory system for monitoring BNR process status, designed as Platform as a Sevice (PaaS). Our Key enabling technology is industrial biotechnology supported by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies. It can completely remove risks of pollution due to problems with BNR process and as such it is an industry gamechanger. Our target is 80% reduction of unwanted biological treatment events during operation of small and medium size UWWTPs. Our customers are reponsible for cleaning waste water of 150 million inhabitants of European Union.

Work performed: We organised international event Activated Sludge 2019 in June 2019 to improve our microbiological knowledge and understanding of customers problems in daily operation. We had in-depth interviews with influencing professors in the fields of activated sludge microbiology, WWTP design and operation, sensorics and data processing in water industry. We tested innovative water sensors and suitability of machine learning for water systems fingerprinting and early warning. Freedom to operate and IP protection were analysed.

Main results:

  • Operators of UWWTPs can have a lot of problems due to poor insight into the activated sludge process and lack of knowledge.
  • There is currently no suitable low-cost multiparametric sensor node on the market suitable for our purpose.
  • Time is now for realtime process measurement and control in small & midsize UWWTPs
  • Combined hardware and software systems can be patented also in EU. IP protection of WaMoS with low-cost multiparametric sensor node is possible.
  • Further financing must be secured with combination of EIC Accelerator Pilot (or similar) funding and private investors.