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BIA Podjetje za laboratorijsko in procesno opremo, d.o.o.

Teslova 30, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tel: (01) 425 47 63, (01) 426 45 88
Fax: (01) 426 45 91
Email: sales AT bia DOT si



Gilson  Purification Products

Verifiable Scientific Results Require Reliable Purification Systems Get the accuracy and precision you need for trusted results with VERITY® purification systems. Whether you isolate large or small molecules or need milligram... Preberi več



”As of October 2015, Vapourtec together with our distribution partners is supporting 450 flow chemistry systems installed worldwide. Our Service Department based in UK prides itself for offering rapid response and solutions whether... Preberi več



”Radleys specialise in supplying innovative chemistry tools for scientists, allowing them to undertake their research faster and more effectively.” Preberi več



”Development and Production of Highly Qualified Shaker and Fermenter Technology.” Preberi več


Macherey Nagel

”Products for Chromatography, Solid Phase Extraction, Bioanalysis, Water Analysis and Rapid Tests, Filtration and Extraction.” Preberi več



”Chromatography Systems and Accessories for Analytical and Preparative HPLC, HPLC Kits and Spare Parts, Simulated Moving Bed, Osmometers.” Preberi več



LEVITRONIX is the worldwide leader in magnetically levitated Bearingless Motor technology, specializing in fluid handling devices for Microelectronics, Life Science and Industrial applications. For LifeScience (biotech and biopharmaceutical)... Preberi več



”Follow the evolution in dissolution testing.” Preberi več


Thomson Instrument Company

"As Science Evolves so do our techniques. That's why we continue to innovate consumables and equipment that suit our clients' ever-changing needs. Thomson Instrument Company is world renowned for partnering with customers to provide... Preberi več



”Genevac – the world leaders in solvent evaporation technology.” Preberi več



”ACE® - Ultra Inert Base-Deactivated HPLC Columns.” Preberi več



”Kromasil silica packing materials are designed to meet the most exacting demands in HPLC, SMB and SFC from analytical to process scale.” Preberi več



 “PuriFlash® – Experience the Evolution.” Preberi več



"Robust applications fluidly running." Electrochemistry for HPLC & MS. Antec is a worldwide supplier of Analyzers based on HPLC with Electrochemical Detection (ECD) and Potentiostats for Electrochemistry (EC)... Preberi več


Bia Separations

”A world leader in innovative liquid separation biochromatography.” Preberi več


Cecil Instruments

”Cecil Instruments are leading designers and manufacturers of scientific instruments including spectroscopy and chromatography instruments and systems.” Preberi več


Vici Jour

”Products for Chromatography and Fluid/Gas Transfer.” Preberi več



”Laboratory equipment.” Preberi več



”Innovative products for microbiology and cell biology based on comprehensive analysis of cell phenotypes.” Preberi več



»2mag - Magnetic stirrers, reactionblocks and magnetic drive systems. Our magnetic drives are working on the inductive principle. This means that instead of conventionally problematic motors with pull magnets, 2mag is working with stationary... Preberi več


ACD Labs

”We are a global chemistry software company providing solutions to help accelerate R&D, strengthening our clients’ competitive position.”   Preberi več



"Global Manufacturer of Precision Filtration Equipment For The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries" Preberi več



”Europe's leading HPLC column manufacturer.” Preberi več



”Providing excellence & expertise in Electrophoresis.” Preberi več


Harvard Apparatus

Harvard Apparatus is now part of the Harvard Bioscience family of companies. Harvard Bioscience is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products, primarily scientific instruments. Preberi več


Welch Materials

Welch Materials develops and manufactures Chromatography consumables including HPLC columns, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) columns, GC columns, sample vials, syringe filters, and chromatographic media. Preberi več



Founded and staffed by people with a passion for technology, for over 10 years IT-IS has been delivering high performance technology for real-time PCR. With comprehensive capabilities ranging from molecular biology to software engineering,... Preberi več



CytoSMART je podjetje, ustanovljeno leta 2012 na Eindhoven University of Technology na Nizozemskem. Z namenom pomagati pri raziskavah so razvili inovativne avtomatizirane števce celic in naprave za slikanje živih celic. Njihove inovativne... Preberi več



HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd is a leading Company entirely dedicated to research and development of products in the field of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs). Its mission is to develop and commercialize proprietary platforms, kits, reagents... Preberi več