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Sepapure - nova linija Knauer-jevih FPLC kolon - 23.10.2018

From now on you can order the new FPLC column and media line Sepapure from KNAUER. Our Sepapure line offers FPLC-column solutions for Size-Exclusion, Affinity and Ion-Exchange chromatography prepacked as 1 ml or 5 ml cartridges or as bulk media.

 The media for affinity as well as ion-exchange chromatography is based on agarose, which is functionalized with corresponding ligands for purification of recombinantly expressed proteins with His- or GST-tags, or antibodies via Protein A or Protein G affinity. Our Ion-Exchange columns offer weak and strong anion or cation exchangers. The base of our Sepapure desalting column is dextran, which reliably separates small molecules and salts from your precious protein.

 We compared the performance of the Sepapure columns to other vendors, the results can be found in the AppNotes:
• Comparison of two column sets for antibody purification in an automated two step purification process (VBS0071)
• Separation of proteins with cation exchange chromatography on Sepapure SP and CM (VBS0072)
• Separation of proteins with anion exchange chromatography on Sepapure Q and DEAE (VBS0073)
• Comparison of ion exchange columns (VBS0074).

Kontakt: sales AT bia DOT si

Sepapure - nova linija Knauer-jevih FPLC kolon